Using the form designer

The form designer lets you change the theme for your whole form. You can re-use any themes you make across all your forms in Fillout.

Click on the pen icon in the top left of the form editor to open the form designer.

Next, choose from one of the pre-built themes in the "All themes" section. Press "Use theme".

You can now customize many aspects of your form, including:

  • 🎨The background colors

  • 🔵 Primary color (used for buttons and accents throughout the form)

  • ✒️ The question and answer colors

  • ⬅️ The form positioning. Choose from:

    • Form in the center

    • Form with background image

    • Form with cover image

    • Form to the left/right with image

  • 🔠 Size of the form text and buttons

There are lots of other ways to style your form, too. Read on to learn more!

Add a navigation bar and logo

Find the "logo" field in the left-hand side panel and add it to your form.

You can provide your company's logo and customize the color scheme.

Formatted text

The Fillout "Heading" field type lets you add formatted text to your form using a rich text editor. You can change colors, positioning, size, alignment and more.


Images are a good way to make your form more visually appealing. Just drag and drop the image field type onto your form. You can even display a dynamic image.

Add images to your forms

Changing colors

You can change the color of certain elements of your form in the left-hand side panel. Contact [email protected] if you'd like to customize an element that doesn't yet have that option.

Customize the color of a button

Add sections and dividers to your form

If a form page has a lot of questions on it, you might want to add multiple sections. Of course, you can always create a multi-page form, instead.

To add multiple sections, drag and drop the "Section collapse" field type onto your form. You can also use the "divider" field if you don't want sections to collapse.

Add multiple sections to your forms

Add a progress bar

Adding a progress bar can make your form more aesthetically pleasing and also tell your users how much longer they have left to go.

Add a progress bar to your form
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